Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kee Club

I was not there for the opening so when a friend decided to take me there I could not say no. Kee Club is situated at 796 Huai Hai Road. Its a private members club and is only open for 3 months to public before it will only host members. The compound was beautiful and the old restored buildings does make it one of a kind.
Interior of the place is also pretty amazing. They have a restaurant and a bar. If I am not wrong the restaurant serves Chinese food? We had a look at the menu and one dish was RMB 1000 not cheap ah.

We headed straight to the bar, surprisingly the drinks was not at all expensive. Try the cucumber & co or kir they were pretty good.
The place was pretty packed that night.
Will definitely head back there sometime in the afternoon. Wanna have a look at the place in broad day light.


shopgirl shanghai said...

it looks very nice! And I live very close to there :)

Ai Mei said...

shopgirl - then u should go there when u are in shanghai!