Friday, December 5, 2008

Cover up

I can be a very messy girl after looking at my desk I realised I need to make a bag just to separate all my thumb drive, wires , hard disk etc...
Bought a fabric from this lady who was closing down her fabric store and made this little number.I finally learned how to sew zips onto my little pouches. Fun!


James Creegan said...

I could wear that as a hat, will you take 1,400 USD for it?

Was great to meet you the other day, hope to see you again soon back in Shangers.

Don't get kidnapped-


WoAi said...

I think you could open a small store in Shanghai selling your creations. I'd like a shirt in that fabric. I think the ladies will be swarming round. I mean even more than they already do!

Ai Mei said...

James - If I had the time i would have made u a hat! Yeah I am planning to buy pepper spray and bring it along with me all the time.

Woai - that can be arrange u know??!?!?!....Will make one and send it to u via DHL.