Friday, December 5, 2008

Park Hyatt

To a bar it is! I was invited for the newly opened jazz bar at Park Hyatt, 100 Century Avenue.Park Hyatt - minimalistic architecture with a mix of crazy interiors.
Clean walls and suddenly pop this 3 welcome statue. Its brilliantly done.

Info - the rooms at Park Hyatt are all below the restaurant and jazz club. You will have to go to the 91 floor then change to another lif to go to your room. The neverending me.Mother of pearls floor.

The jazz club - the interior decoration was amazing. I love it! You just have to go there to really understand what I am talking about.
The jazz bar is above the restaurant. You can see below to the restaurant from the glass wall.

Ok I took the toilet bowl for a reason, the cover automatically opens when you walk in.

Good new location to drop by if you are ever in Pudong.

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