Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Red Town

I love cycling it takes you everywhere and is cheap too. Last Saturday morning after doing some errands I stumbled upon Red Town. I have been to Red Town many months back. At that time, there was Beca restaurant (creperie), art galleries and a whole lot of empty buildings and constructions still going on.

I was in for a surprise as Red Town ain't as it was before all these empty buildings are now art galleries and offices. This area has grown so much and it is exciting too see. Joyce Warehouse is there too so you know where to get a bargain branded outfit for half the price now.One end of the corner are shops that sells plants and picture frames.

There is CANDY night club.

Art Galleries

I love the huge playground space smack right in the middle in between those buildings. Such a great place to just do a picnic watsoever.
Brick made SLK.

I saw this huge crowd of photographers swarming around this lady was thinking
hmmmm could she be a superstar or a model

They were having some photography lessons.

What is that huge pencil?
Leo Burnett's office - cool huh

Linda Ma a friend of mine who just opened her art gallery in Shanghai.

The art display that she was exhibiting was not much of my style. Too fairy tale for me.

Definitely a new place to go to if you are bored of Tai Kang Road and Xintiandi.


MG said...

Nice pics thanks for sharing

Ai Mei said...

MG - no worries is all about sharing on this blog.

Shopgirl said...

haha ai mei, you just took a picture of my (actually my mother's) apartment in Shanghai :-)

I just live by that flower market