Thursday, March 12, 2009

Moonlight Cinema with my Pup

I was invited for the preview of the movie "Hotel for Dogs" held in Melbourne Botanical Garden. The highlight of this movie premier was owners can bring their dogs along to watch.

The Dog Night Rules
The cute Shih Tzu
We brought our own wine
U also get to rent your own bean beds

Our Dinner - Taiwanese noodles

I made this salad which was really good
Taiwanese wrap which was really good...better than kebab

The movie was ok as I slept half way

But after the movie it was mayhem as the dogs all started barking at the same time and it was dark so we had to slowly make our way back to our cars.

I had such a good time, we will never get this in Malaysia as the parks are dirty, is filled with mosquitoes and if there is MALAY means NO DOGS ALLOWED!.

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