Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pasar Payang and FOOOOOD

I was in Terengganu last week and boy was it HOT.
My last day there of course was not wasted, I went to their local market to get some food and fabrics.

Pasar Payang

The second edition of Pasar Payang
Rickshaws waiting for clients

Rattan bags and accessories


Durian paste and dodol

Turtle eggs
Malay kuih
Malay Chicken Floss
Malay Kuih

As it was so scorching hot, we decided to head to China Town and have some really refreshing fruit drinks.

Terengganu is famous for their butter, plain or coconut bun. See the pic of it at the side?
The drinks we ordered.
The plain bun we ordered. It was toasted and served with kaya and butter.
You can buy these buns at any petrol station in Terengganu but Shell station has the coconut bun which tends to sell out in the morning.

I personally like the coconut and plain bun.

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