Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tamadun Islam and Majlis Kristal

ok so they say work hard play hard. My way of play hard was go sight seeing in Terengganu. I decided to go to the Tamadun Islan where they have 21 monuments of Islam all around the world. The best part is they are miniature sizes. We paid RM 10 to enter and RM 3 for a bicycle to cycle around the park. Remind me of the days back in Shanghai.... I MISS MY BIKE.
Monument from:
Xian, China
Kudus Minar, Indonesia
National Mosque, Malaysia
A view from above
Sultan Omar Ali Saifudin, Brunei
I am a giant in Kudus Minar, Indonesia
Pattani, Thailand
Taj Mahal, India

A view of Terengganu
Terengganu's flag
Badshahi, Pakistan
Cool huh something different - Samarra, Iraq
Abu Nasr, Afghanistan

Suleyman, Turkey

Agadez, Niger
Kul Sharif, Russia

After the monument we stopped by at a real mosque not far away from Tamadun Islam. This mosque is called Crystal Mosque cause it is built with steel and crystal effect glass, resonating light from inside and outside.

Saw some otter ... so cute

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