Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Land of BOH tea

On my way to Cameron Highlands, Perak just for the weekend trip...weeeeee
On the foot of the hill we could see alot of plantations going on.
The city of Cameron Highlands.
So many cars so commercialized now.

Steamboat for dinner.
Realised there were more veg than meat, I think I can find better steamboat in KL city.
Walked through the night market and farmers were selling their own crops. Sweet potato.
Preserved strawberries
Deep fried mushrooms and sweet potato.
The next morning we went for the morning market to stock up on fresh veg for the whole of next week. Prices are cheaper and the vegs are much sweeter and crunchier.

Everything they were selling were of some sort of strawberry shape, so there was strawberry clock, strawberry float anything u can name of they have a strawberry shape for it.

Guess what is next to my friend?


Strawberry muffins

Chocolate strawberry

Honey corn was so sweet and crunchy

Deep fried banana, mushroom and sweet potato.

Real strawberries

Fresh veg

Fresh flowers, they even have blue or turquoise roses.

Have u seen a purple and green cauliflower?


Tea plantation

Bee nursery

Spot the bees?

Bee swing

Me and my friend mucking around

Upclose and personal

My trip was so much fun but is was more for the company as compared to being in Cameron Highlands. Cameron has become too commercialized and the layout of the city is very messy. Too many cars and the weather does not do any justice for it. It was not as cold as 15 years ago. Sad to see such a beautiful place being abused. The government should do something about it example being like Melaka. They have done such a good job to maintain the culture and looks of the place that tourist just keeps coming. So I hope something could be done with Cameron Highlands in order to bring back the tourist as I will not be going back there anytime soon.

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