Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Water Rafting

Over the weekend, I had my first experience of water rafting. We were suppose to go to Kuala Kubu Baru but because of the water level being very low we had to move to Slim River. The journey to KKB was an hour and we had to add in another hour to drive to Slim River which was in Perak district.

When we arrived at the river, there was actually like a hot spring area. Heard it was about 104 Celsius.

We met up with our guide, put our safety equipments on and was given instructions on safety
procedures etc.

Then we were ready to go. I did not have any pics from the rafting but I will definitely post it up once our guide emailed it to us. A pic I stole from their website.

I loved every minute of it. The adrenaline rush, the company and the experience. One thing you can't run away from are the number of blue blacks. I have many on my legs right now that is so not funny. Not funny since I have to meet my clients at work and they looked at me as if I have got beaten up or something. Adding to that, some ppl might find it very tiring but I was actually quite ok.

The package is RM 180, you are supplied with all the equipments, lunch and a place to shower.

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