Monday, June 29, 2009

Barbie Store, Shanghai

Me standing next to the huge barbie

The ground floor

The elevator to the first floor

You are invited to take a pic which will cost you RMB 68.

Barbie Merchandise

First floor layout

Elvis and Priscilla Presley

mp3 player that looks like a makeup kit

Barbie accessories

Barbie clothing line which was very expensive

Barbie wedding dress designed by Vera Wang

Miniature size of the wedding gown

Barbie makeup kit

Barbie chocolate

Stairs heading to 2nd floor

Children's playroom

A showcase of all the different vintage barbie dolls

I love this - so vintage

Looking down from the 2nd floor

Different barbie dolls

The toilet

Would you have your kid be caught dead in these new arrival?

Barbie cafe which have a runway to strut your stuff

The cafe chairs and tables which was very well designed

The spa

The barbie spa offers facial, manicure, pedicure, waxing and a special yoga room for kids .
Barbie Shanghai is a great place just to bring your kids or just a hang out place for the adults.

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