Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vargas Grill

I tried the new Vargas Grill which replaced Bamboo. It is by the same owner, Eduardo. The restaurant specialises in grill seafood and assorted meat. I think the best part of the restaurant is their dessert. It is amazing!!!!!

The crowd Us enjoying the foood and catching up! Grilled seafood

Grilled assorted meat

I do not remember what cake this was but it is soooo goood Carrot cake - good
Creme Brulee - soooo goooodd
Flour less chocolate cake - soooo goood Volcano chocolate cake? Do not remember the name - sooo gooodd This is definitely a great place to have a meal......just never leave the place without trying the dessert it is that GOOOODD.


WoAi said...

That's a huge watch you have there. Hmmm so you came back to Shanghai and didn't look me up. Very sad.

Ai Mei said...

Woai - so sorry I was suppose to meet many ppl but did not get the chance to meet any. I will definitely call u the next time I come to Shanghai why don't u pay me a visit in Msia.