Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Anita Mui & Leslie Cheung

There was a competition to find the best impersonator for Anita Mui & Leslie Cheung. They were considered the best male and female artist in HK. Anita passed away from ovarian cancer while Leslie killed himself by jumping of Mandarin Hotel in HK. Its amazing to see ladies who do not look like Anita but really do sound like her. The girls did better, the men just did not pass the mark of sounding like Leslie Cheung.
There were contestants in the 30s
30s who dress like 20s
50s who wanna look like 20s

Some who dress up like they were impersonating Leslie but actually was contending for the Anita Mui slot.

One by one they came and I just can't blame when I saw this uncle snoozing away happily


What really woke us all up was this - now he is a 50 year old man so we all thought he was contending for Leslie Cheung part but were we surprise to hear this....


1ondoncalling said...

Ha ha... It must be really boring!
Look uncle has fallen asleep...

Ai Mei said...

1ondon calling - yeah it was.