Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Malay Wedding

First time to a Malay wedding. I had no clue what to wear or what to expect.

Arrived at the venue and we were ushered to our table which had a disposable camera, a cake, fresh flowers and a photo frame to take home with you.

The guests

I expected some traditional Malay wedding but it was so modern and simple. The bride and groom came in walked around to say hi and was seated on their table. A few speeches and we were invited to have buffet dinner. Most of the time even for Chinese dinner it is like a 9 course meal or something but this was something different, you get your own food at the buffet table.

I love the back of the brides gown so simple and yet such intricate design.

The gang on our table.

When it was time to have the bride and groom cut their cake, we were invited to cut our own cake on our table. So the girls all cut it together.

While we were doing that, the boys were mucking around.

We cut the cakes and packed it in take away bags. It was chocolate cake and it was very yummy.

Overall this wedding was one of the fastest and easiest wedding dinner. We were done in one and a half hour or less. I recommend this concept to anyone in the future.

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