Sunday, August 2, 2009

Extra for a Telemovie

The actress getting made up

All is can say about this actress - loud, rude and obnoxious and just plain " I AM JUST TO GOOD FOR ANYONE". She thinks she is some big "HOLLYWOOD" actress but non even. Her so not so important name is Julia Ziegler.

The extras

The director and his team getting ready for the shoot.

The other extras getting ready

The scene was shot in a restaurant.

Ready set action!

I like her - she is an acclaim Chinese actress who speaks really good Malay. She was very professional by saying thank you to all of the extras and the team who was part of this telemovie. No air from her as compared to whats her name ... Julia.

It was a good experience but doing this 5 min part took us 2 hours to prepare and shoot. The money received by the extras are peanuts so maybe is just good for an experience not for a full time job.

A little sneek peak

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