Sunday, March 28, 2010

Come ride with me...

1st Stop - India, Pune

Pune is the 8th largest city in India, and the second largest in the state of Maharashtra, after Mumbai. Pune is known for its educational facilities, having more than a 150 educational institutes and 9 universities (including International Universities like MIT). It is known as the Oxford of the East and attracts students from all over India, including Europe and Asia. This growing city is developing fast as multi-national conglomerates establish their foothold in manufacturing. Huge Automotives like Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and General Motors have manufacturing plants in Maharashtra lure other "down the chain" companies to this city!

Come ride with me in my Auto-rickshaw and i'll take you on a journey.....

Part 1 - A Day out in Pune
On my way to Khadakwasla Dam,
i stumbled upon a humble abode and my camera couldn't stop clicking to capture this unique sight....

So i had to get up front and personal to satisfy my curiousity..
This lady was making bread (something similar to Chapati), she would mix flour in a silver bowl and cook it in a wok over a slow make shift fire just outside her humble abode....
Check out the primitive stove!

These kids play around as their mother cooks..the older boy was curious with my camera while the younger boy shys away..

I was invited to try a piece, it was very tempting so i had to pinch a little wondering what it would do to my stomache....i did it! it was warm and plain, tasted exactly like Chapati!
(P.S. I was fine the next day but i wouldn't recommend you try it)

The family
She smiled when i showed her the pictures i took of them.
It was a pity i didn't have a polaroid to leave them as a souvenir.

Next Stop: Khadakwasla Dam

Stay tuned ;)


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Ai Mei said...

Namaste! How are you dingle? Its been ages since I left Shanghai.

Dingle said...

yeah not doing bad thanks! where you living now anyway, Kuala Lumpar?

Ai Mei said...

yeah in KL now. When are you Shanghainers coming over to KL?

dingle said...

actually, one of my friends just moved there so we might be coming down to visit soon!