Sunday, March 28, 2010

Silly Me...

So.., Silly people say Silly things that make others, Silly people do Silly things to make up for it..., So what makes you happy?
Herbal beauty products from India...?
My Search begins...

Soap bar - basil and parsley from the Himalayas - apparently Expats in India like to use it - smells nice

Couldn't help myself, i had to get another one cos' it was Himalayan Plum - smells great too...

This was something i had to get, beauty in the eye of the beholder...

VLCC Natural Sciences
Facial at home? is all natural...the lady at the shop was pushing me to buy it and i couldn't resist, i had to score some major points ..... 5 packs of natural fruit scrub, gel etc...Instructions attached!

First use the Papaya scrub, then the Cucumber gel, Massage in some Peach cream, Apply the Anti Tan Pack to reduce superficial pigmentation and lastly the Green AppleSkin Guard...sounds like fun..?
Lotus Herbals
A mask for anti aging of skin....Another local brand...Kiasu right?!
Eye Cream for the night...Cucumber soap and a "Dry skin Essential pack"

Something for the sun...
I confirmed that i'm no Pro when it comes to using beauty products! I applied the cucumber peel on my arm to test it, and when i removed it, i pulled out the hair on my arms..Oouch! So remember not to apply it on your eyebrows.. Silly me ;S
Last but not least....
Eat, Pray, Love, Commit...and..try not to be Silly!
So Silly people do Silly things...lets see a Silly Smile...Silly!
My search ends.

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