Monday, March 15, 2010

Food - Yogyakarta

You can never leave a place without trying their local delicacies and food. My run down on the food that you must try in Yogyakarta.

Alpukat - a blend of avocado + condensed milk and choc sauce.

Waroeng Steak - Indonesian copied Western steak dishes. Cheap and surprising very good. Try the ribs. Yum Yum

Crave for some choc - try Chocolate Monggo bar which is made from quality dark chocolate beans from Indonesia.

Lunch or dinner - you must must try Bebek Goreng. Deep fried duck served with sambal, veg and rice. It is sooo GOOD!

Drink - Es Jeruk. Basically its orange juice but very sweet and refreshing.

Last but not least - Bakso. Noodles with beef balls.

For dessert, Bakpia Pathuk - green bean paste savoury. Taste like Penang's tao sa pia but better.
Last but not least do not forget to buy the Amanda's Brownies. Its basically a speciality in Indonesia.



Pandam said...

Love coklat monggo! :)

Ai Mei said...

Pandam - have not tried coklat monggo is that choc with mango?