Thursday, March 18, 2010

Javanese Massage

You will be a fool to leave Java without trying their massage. The place that I went to is called Griya Shiatsu. It looks dodgy from the outside but surprisingly is very good. Javanese massage is a little different from the other massages as they use their feet to massage you. It might hurt at the beginning but you feel good after. Adding to that, they only use their feet for like 20 min and the rest is with their hands. I had a 2 hours body and feet massage and was I rejuvenated.

I was also recommended to this other place called women and women's spa. This is closer to the airport.

The interior - not bad clean.

See what I mean by kinda dodgy looking. I was expecting Indonesian furnishing but is so all over the place. Looks can be deceiving.

Try it out. Address is on the the 1st pic.

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