Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tje Fuk

I have heard about this face wash from another blogger. I am a sucker for beauty products so I decided to try it out. The green face wash is basically for customers who have acne or pimple problem. Those who doesn't can try the yellow one which is kinda like a face scrub. The packaging is pretty big so is worth the money. I paid like 63000 rupiah for it.

After using it - I find it pretty ok, my skin feels much more smoother, maybe cause it is a scrub. It also doesn't dry up your skin.

The only thing I am not too happy about it is it stings your eyes if some of the cream accidentally touches it.

My verdict - Not bad if you are looking for a good face scrub but if you have sensitive skin then maybe you should give it a pass.

Their website for your perusal.

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